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SRCM - Shri Ram Chandra Mission
A Raja Yoga system of spiritual training based on meditation

Truth, Consciousness, Bliss

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Jonathan Livingstone Seagull
Lovely account of self discovery

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Read & enjoy. Do and become. (Babuji)

Inspiration, Passion & Interests

I have read lots and experienced some. I chose to talk & write about only that "some". The rest is theory & supposition and until I go through it myself and experience it, it would be only talking like the blind men & the elephant. Each describing what he has touched, heard, read & understood but not experienced and clearly not seen the complete image - the grand scheme of things.

On our journey, we meet people, join groups, read & listen to thoughts/ideas that influence and shape us. I want to share some of these here with you.

Fusion of East & West, the convergence of the eastern spirit with the western intellect is extremely potent. As Babuji put it, "Eastern hearts & western minds". Even as a child I was always drawn to spirituality. There had to be a meaning to this life, a reason to this existance and a purpose even if we have not seen it as yet.

As my Master said to my fellow abhyasis which I paraphrase, "I assure you, there is light at the end of the tunnel even if the tunnel takes a turn near the end" and thus you can't see the light. Have the patience and the persistance to go on, and you will get there.

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